Sophie King

Sophie has been climbing since 2001, getting out on rock from a young age and competing in local and international competitions.  Sophie leads a busy schedule, balancing her passion for bouldering with study and work.  She currently works and climbs at Sydney’s largest gym, Sydney Indoor, St Peters.

“I really enjoy experiencing that feeling of pulling onto the wall.  The satisfaction of sticking moves, especially the powerful ones, is really gratifying.  I’m never happier than when pushing myself to the limit of my ability.  Outdoors I’m always super psyched seeing different crags, keeping it fresh, finding the line really develop as you work the problem.

The friends I’ve made through climbing have really helped shape the person I am today.  I think it is an amazing thing to have support and gain motivation from the people around you. I take every opportunity I can to climb and cannot picture any point in my future not pursing the passion I have for climbing.”

Frontier Equipment is proud to support Sophie King. “We feel she’s a fantastic ambassador for FIVETEN in Australia, a great young personality, active in the community and importantly, a super strong climber.”