Roman Hofmann

Started climbing casually in NZ in early 2005. Seeing images of the amazing orange Ozzy sandstone moved here permanently in 2010. Continued to travel around parts of the globe to sample some of the best the world has to offer. Realising that in fact a lot of the best climbing is close to home.

A big passion for challenging technical sport climbs & steep boulders.

"I enjoy several different of life's disciplines, always looking to develop myself further both mentally and physically.

Supporting the cause & being part of the community is the way forward and the future of climbing."

Notable Ascent Include:
Routes Redpoint

  • Spartacus (FA Milford, New Zealand)
  • Moonshadow (Blue Mountains, Australia)


  • BeefMeister (Nowra, Australia)
  • Blood Meridian (Milford, New Zealand)
  • The 50 Year Storm (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Alpha Leather (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Search & Destroy (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Truck Stop31 (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Mr.Tickle (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Mr. Line (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Collection Automne Hiver (St. Leger France)
  • United Nations (Grampians, Australia)


  • Some Kind of Bull (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Aloha Hooters (Nowra, Australia)
  • Who’s a Naughty Boy (Grampians, Australia)
  • Pooferator (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Staring at the Sea (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Don’t Believe the Hype (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Point Break (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Double Adaptor (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • The Giving Tree (Milford, New Zealand)
  • Big Wednesday (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Dungeon Master (Nowra, Australia)
  • Some Kind Of Bliss (Blue Mountains, Australia)

Routes On-sight & Flash*:

  • Angry Birds (RRG USA)
  • Pushin’ Up Daisies (RRG USA)
  • Kaleidoscope (RRG USA)


  • El Ofertón (Margalef, Spain)
  • Devora Cordes (Margalef, Spain)
  • Bohica (RRG USA)
  • Cut Throat* (RRG USA)
  • Table of Colours Direct* (RRG USA)


  • Dejà Vu (Margalef, Spain)
  • Supernani (Margalef, Spain)
  • Desequipatio Manifesta (Margalef, Spain)
  • Viote, my friend (Margalef, Spain)
  • Gravity Globe (Margalef, Spain)
  • Monkey Puzzle (Grampians, Australia)
  • Appalachian Spring (RRG USA)
  • Paradise Lost (RRG USA)
  • Snooker (RRG USA)
  • 40 Ounces of Justice (RRG USA)
  • Spank (RRG USA)
  • Easy Rider (RRG USA)
  • Cheese Gobbler (Nowra, Australia)
  • Evil E (Nowra, Australia)
  • Auto Bling Century (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • La Realite N’Existe Pas (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Boss Combo (Wye Creek, New Zealand)
  • Let there be Bolts (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • Sim Diddy (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Deflatable Daisy (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Sword of Damocles (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Big Hit with the Kids (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Gushing Gargoyles (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Bumbalong Road (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Touch and Go (Blue Mountains, Australia)


  • The Sanctuary FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • Welcome to Valhalla FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • From Dust till Dawn FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • One of a Kind (Sydney, Australia)


  • Dust Management FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • Thunder Down Under FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • Nuts to Butts (Grampians, Australia)
  • Phlegm (Sydney Australia)
  • Patience and Understanding (Sydney, Australia)
  • Persistence (Sydney, Australia)
  • Double Wombat (Sydney, Australia)
  • The Pusher (Sydney,Australia)
  • Myology (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Left Hand Of Darkness (Magic Wood, Switzerland)
  • The Never Ending Story Part I (Magic Wood, Switzerland)


  • The Long Weakender (Sydney, Australia)
  • First Blood (Grampians, Australia)
  • The Great Houdini FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • Forced Entry (Grampians, Australia)
  • Rodeo Clown FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • Plunge Pool (Sydney, Australia)
  • Life Changes (Sydney, Australia)
  • One Grubby Little Paw in the Honey Pot (Sydney, Australia)
  • All the Tables are Rehearsed (Sydney, Australia)
  • Combat Wombat (Sydney, Australia)
  • Yo Mama FA (Sydney, Australia)
  • Groove Terminator (Sydney, Australia)
  • Anger Management (Sydney, Australia)
  • Mushi Brain (Sydney, Australia)
  • When We Were Kings (Grampians, Australia)
  • L’Homme Obu (Sydney, Australia)
  • Garth’s Arete Right Hand (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  • Right Hand of Darkness (Magic Wood, Switzerland)
  • Hydromancer (Magic Wood, Switzerland)
  • Octopussy (Magic Wood, Switzerland)
  • The Never Ending Story Part II (Magic Wood, Switzerland)
  • Willenberg Dach (Switzerland)