Mikl Law

Flick through any guidebook in Australia and the chances are you will come across the name Mike Law. Few people, if any, have come close to putting up as many new routes Downunder, and there have been years – particularly when he was new routing in the Grose Valley – when his contribution could be measured in kilometres rather than metres.

But Mike’s contribution to Australian climbing goes much further than that. From his early days as a ’70s wunderkind to his role now as an Elder Statesmen, Mike has always been one of the most outrageous climbers of his generation: outrageously talented, outrageously lucky to survive, outrageously attired and pushing the boundaries of the sport in various outrageous ways that few others could get away with.

As one of the central figures of the Australian climbing scene through the last 40 or so years, Mike has either witnessed or made much of Australian climbing history, which makes his new autobiography A Law Unto Himself an important contribution to the repository of Climbing Lore – as well as an extremely entertaining ride through a long and varied climbing career.

Frontier Equipment is proud and humbled to count Mike as a friend and FIVETEN Ambassador. For all the youngsters out there getting into climbing or crushing it at your local crag, check out this living legend of Australian climbing, there’s a good chance the next bolt you clip was put there by Mike.