Don’t be fooled by its size, the Byte Tactical is a powerful punch in a tiny package.

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Offers a convenient and comfortable seating solution for outdoor enthusiasts looking for portability, durability, and versatility in their gear.

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Alpaca Duffel

Durable, versatile, and spacious, designed for adventurers. With rugged materials and ample storage, it's ideal for any journey.

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Energize. Excite. Embolden. When that calling in your soul and that look in your dog’s eyes is telling you it’s time to get out there.

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Rock Technologies

DRY 5 Liquid chalk

Rock Technologies Dry 5 Liquid Chalk has been developed to give excellent performance, enhancing the drying effect of the chalk, and ultimately enables climbers to stop to re-chalk less often, or even not at all on a short bouldering problem. This is an alcohol-based liquid chalk cream that dries fast and keeps hands dry for longer than standard chalk.

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The Trangia products have been produced in the Swedish mountains since 1950. More than 60 years of development and refinement have gone into the Trangia windproof stove system and during this time components have been modernised and functions optimised.

Trangia’s approach to quality has been fundamental in the manufacturing process, from the choice of materials to the functionality of our products. Being close to the mountains of Jämtland in northern Sweden, practical testing in tough weather conditions has become a natural part of the company’s operations. The original ingenious construction remains the key to the success of today’s Trangia stove systems, along with the experience of four generations of a family-owned company. Experience that goes back 90 years to when the company was founded in 1925.

The Trangia stove is reliable, without unnecessary parts that can break or be adversely affected by cold, plus it is quick to set up, and packs into a compact unit that takes up minimal space.

The heart of the storm-proof stove system is the two-part windshield. The ventilation holes in the lower windshield are turned to face the wind to increase the oxygen supply to the burner. If the wind becomes too strong, the stove is turned to maintain the re-quired flame. The Trangia spirit burner runs on Tenol or methylated spirits which are low cost, safe and readily available.

The combined frypan/lid can be put on top of the pan to speed up heating and save fuel. The stove stands stable, with the pan on the supports recessed into the upper windshield. The supports are turned upwards when the frypan is used.

The Trangia stove can also be used with a gas, multifuel or gel burner, which all can be found in The Trangia range of accessories.