Energize. Excite. Embolden. When that calling in your soul and that look in your dog’s eyes is telling you it’s time to get out there.

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New RC Baltoro + Deva

The ultimate in custom pack fit. Patented FreeFloat hipbelt system and auto-rotating shoulder harnesses flex and adapt to your body’s natural walking movements, delivering unrivaled comfort.

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This three-legged, convertible chair is a perfect hybrid of our Monarch and Mantis chairs. Its removable front foot can be used to give the chair stability like the Mantis, or removed to give it the hillside rocking functionality of the Monarch.

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Remix 450

Upgraded to 450 Lumens, the Remix features an astounding 63h FL1 runtime on High, by far the best in it’s class.

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Rock Technologies

DRY 5 Liquid chalk

Rock Technologies Dry 5 Liquid Chalk has been developed to give excellent performance, enhancing the drying effect of the chalk, and ultimately enables climbers to stop to re-chalk less often, or even not at all on a short bouldering problem. This is an alcohol-based liquid chalk cream that dries fast and keeps hands dry for longer than standard chalk.

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Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk

We believe ordinary can become epic. We believe in having a plan, then sometimes ignoring it. We believe getting lost is the best way to find yourself. We believe in sand between our toes and leaves crunching beneath our boots, in s’mores and campfire songs, in sore legs and summits.

We think getting away is good for the soul. We think blisters build character, that chapped lips are a souvenir, that all weather is outdoor weather.

Let the freezing air rattle your lungs. Let your fingers prune in the rain. Let the sun warm your scalp. Live for the gut punch, the misstep, the close call.

So get out there. Over the next ridge. After the next swell. Beyond the next dune. To get there, you must abandon hesitation. For the compass is calibrated by fear, and the path strewn with uncertainty. And with every step, you discover the pursuit is limitless. The destination boundless.

Get out there and live.