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Up climbing

Enjoy upgraded performance with the Up Rise VCS, a medium-stiff, high-performance climbing shoe featuring a full outsole, improved heel cup and extended toe rand. Extra arch supports support sling shots!

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New products

Updated Byte

Think big by thinking small. Don't be fooled by its size. Byte is equipped with a battery lockout, asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button switch, all at a mere 64 grams.

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Sierra designs

sweet suite 2

Tent architecture so unique it creates the perfect combination of lightweight, liveable space.

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So iLL Holds

So iLL Holds

So iLL have one of the largest institutional climbing hold offerings in the world. This "best in class" brand offers you an enormous variety of options to help tailor the experience you want for your clients. We understand that every gym is different; height, angle, types of panels, screws and colour programs etc. This is why we seek to offer you the flexibility to order what you need for your specific circumstances.

● All institutional So iLL orders are placed under a business arrangement. This works to create clear rewards and benefits both parties for the intended success of the So iLL brand.
● All orders are considered "special order" and are considered final upon receipt of Frontier Equipment.
● "Special Orders" are non-cancellable once placed with So iLL
● By submitting this order you agree to our terms & conditions as specified above