Don’t be fooled by its size, the Byte Tactical is a powerful punch in a tiny package.

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Offers a convenient and comfortable seating solution for outdoor enthusiasts looking for portability, durability, and versatility in their gear.

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Alpaca Duffel

Durable, versatile, and spacious, designed for adventurers. With rugged materials and ample storage, it's ideal for any journey.

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Energize. Excite. Embolden. When that calling in your soul and that look in your dog’s eyes is telling you it’s time to get out there.

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Rock Technologies

DRY 5 Liquid chalk

Rock Technologies Dry 5 Liquid Chalk has been developed to give excellent performance, enhancing the drying effect of the chalk, and ultimately enables climbers to stop to re-chalk less often, or even not at all on a short bouldering problem. This is an alcohol-based liquid chalk cream that dries fast and keeps hands dry for longer than standard chalk.

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Edelweiss has always supported alpine and sport climbing pioneers by developing climbing ropes adapted to their ambitions.

For high level exploits, recreation or safety at work, Edelweiss continues to offer a wide product for athletes and operators of modern vertical activities. With this long experience, punctuated by constant innovation and quality research, Edelweiss is a key player in the vertical world.

The history of Edelweiss is landmarked by major innovations which supported the evolution of mountaineering and climbing.
  • 1953 : First sheath/core construction rope.
  • 1971 : Development of Everdry, dry treatment of the sheath, with Reinhold Messner.
  • 1984 : First rope to sustain Sharp Edge test (factor 2 fall on a 0.75mm radius edge).
  • 1991 : Perdur treatment to improve abrasion resistance.
  • 1993 : Supereverdry, dry treatment of both sheath and core for even more performance in extreme conditions.
  • 2003 : Introducing the buckle-free harness.
  • 2009 : O-Flex Concept, for a better handling and more durability on ropes used on an intensive basis.
  • 2010 : Perform 3, a new generation of ropes, smoother, more fluid, lightweight and still as enduring.
  • 2011 : Alpha and Omega harness concepts, for more support and comfort.
  • 2014 : Awarding of the UIAA Water repellent label on 8 model of dynamic ropes, the water absorption is in average limited at 1,1%.