Gregory Packs - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Gregory's dedication to product lifecycle and performance is unwavering. They devote substantial effort to enhancing product longevity through meticulous selection of top-tier materials with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, Gregory pioneers innovative design and construction methods, constantly striving to extend the lifespan of their products. Their commitment to diverting products from landfills is a source of pride, yet they continually seek to push boundaries and develop novel approaches to eliminate landfill waste entirely. By doing so, Gregory actively contributes to the establishment of a circular economy, playing their part in building a sustainable future.

In 2019, Gregory began partnering with a leading firm in Germany to develop a customized Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool. This tool calculates the environmental footprint of the energy used and the impact generated throughout the entire lifecycle of their products. The data generated by this tool represents the impact potentials of the product's full lifecycle, including raw material creation, manufacturing, packaging, transportation from the factory to the warehouse, distribution to end-consumers or retailers, and disposal. This gives Gregory the ability to adapt product design, manufacturing processes, and material selections to reduce their environmental impact before production. Additionally, it allows them to be transparent with consumers, sharing internal so everyone can better understand the true product footprint and even how to help offset the remaining impacts of the products they choose to purchase.