Copper Guardian Pro Crew Black

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These medium weight socks are made to stand up to a long day on the job. The copper-infused fiber helps improve skin hygiene and odor control. While the Wick Dry® technology keeps your feet dry to avoid hot spots and blisters to keep your feet healthy.

Medium weight sock for shorter activities and cooler weather.

CuTEC® Copper
Copper is a natural element that's good for body and skin wellness. It guards the sock against odor-causing bacteria and fungi while making skin look and feel better. Perfect in those smelly work boots or for intense activity.

Wick Dry® Technology
Our exclusive technology quickly draws moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry and comfortable. Removing the moisture build up reduces hot spots and friction that causes blisters.

Guaranteed Against Defects
FoxSox are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year. Socks may be returned within one year with the d