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Up climbing

Enjoy upgraded performance with the Up Rise VCS, a medium-stiff, high-performance climbing shoe featuring a full outsole, improved heel cup and extended toe rand. Extra arch supports support sling shots!

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New products

Updated Byte

Think big by thinking small. Don't be fooled by its size. Byte is equipped with a battery lockout, asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button switch, all at a mere 64 grams.

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Sierra designs

sweet suite 2

Tent architecture so unique it creates the perfect combination of lightweight, liveable space.

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Alite Designs

Alite Designs

Alite…where “out” is totally in!

Alite are a small group of rabblerousers that wants you to go outside more.

Since their home base is San Francisco they know first hand that city living is a lame excuse for being cooped up.

Magical outdoor fun is all around us, no matter the location.

And they make a bunch of cool stuff that helps you get out there!

…how’z about a few fun facts about Alite…

– They design things that make you wonder why you’re still inside. (Like, right now.)
– As long as you’re somewhere out there, we’re in the mood for hi-fiving!
– Alite stuff is perfect for everyday living or epic adventures.
– They are all about community, giving back, and partying (duh) in San Francisco, where they live!
– They practice ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Go us!