Ruffwear voluntarily recall on leashes with Crux Clip™ hardware.

Ruffwear is voluntarily issuing a recall on leashes with Crux Clip™ hardware.

Ruffwear have received some reports where the Crux Clip hardware unclips during use. This can happen when the clip twists and the leash connection point on a harness or collar leverages the wire gate open, resulting in the dog no longer being connected to the leash.

Ruffwear do not believe that this aligns with both the user expectations upon their product and their motivation to create “connections that last”.

Products included in this recall:

  • Front Range™ Leash
  • Ridgeline™ Leash
  • Double Track™ Coupler
  • Quick Draw™ Leash
  • Switchbak™ Leash
  • Omnijore™ System
  • Omnijore™ Towline
  • Trail Runner™ System

Ruffwear have asked that all users who have a product with the Crux Clip to contact their point of purchase for further information.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team with questions or concerns at:

1300 552 000 or