NORTHSIDE 2016 Boulder Ladder

NORTHSIDE 2016 Boulder Ladder

So iLL is proud to support the 2016 Northside Boulder Ladder.

A social comp. the boulder ladder culminates after 8 weeks f climbing across Melbourne’s very own bouldering gyms, the Lactic Factory and Northside Boulders in Brunswick.

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About Northside:

In 2014 we started running Melbourne’s first dedicated bouldering gym, The Lactic Factory, in Abbotsford.

People seemed to like what we did; the route setting, the tunes, the plants. It wasn’t long before Lactic Factory was going to need a bigger space to accommodate the masses of Melbourne boulderers that would regularly descend on our little gym to crimp, squeeze and squeal their way to the top of our walls. This new space is Northside Boulders.

Designed to allow everyone to develop their climbing, whether you’ve never pulled on a wall before or climbed every day of your life. With walls are up to 4.5 metres high and angled from lightly inclined slabs to horizontal roofs. So come check out Melbourne’s newest bouldering gym, Northside Boulders.

Located At: 329 Victoria Street, Brunswick VIC 3056